What Is Organic Reach? – Word of the Week

What Is Organic Reach? – Word of the Week

When you run an ad or boost a Facebook post, your Reach will be of two types: Organic Reach or Paid Reach. Organic Reach is a metric used in social media marketing that tells you the number of unique people that have seen a post or piece of content from your profile on a social media platform but excludes people reached through the use of any paid promotional tools that would boost the visibility of the post.

In other words, the number of eyes that have seen a post that you did not have to pay for. Organic Reach is one of the fundamental metrics in social media and one of the most important factors that determine the potential engagement rate of a post and any ROI downstream. Think of your social media pages as digital storefronts for your business. Organic reach is like the number of people that walk by your store and read the signs in the window because of word of mouth or brand recognition. People have to know about your store before they walk in and buy something. So increasing your organic reach means you are garnering new business without having to pay for people to walk by your store. Organic Reach is the sustainable metric to focus on growing that will allow you to attract new business without breaking the bank on paid traffic.

Reach can be of two types: Organic Reach and Paid Reach. We will cover Paid Reach and other terms in detail soon so keep an eye out for future WikiRealty Word of the Week installments!

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