What Is The Frequency Metric? – Word of the Week

What Is The Frequency Metric? – Word of the Week

Facebook’s Frequency metric tells you how many times your ad has been shown to the same person. It is calculated by dividing ad impressions by ad reach. On average, the frequency of an ad ranges from 1-2 and depends on your ad budget, audience size, and schedule.

If your goal is to increase brand awareness/ brand recollection through running Facebook ads, frequency is a good KPI. Brand awareness and recall can directly translate to sales as well:

Think of your Facebook business page as a store. Frequency is the number of times a person walks by your store. The more times they walk by your store, the more they will notice it, and eventually, they will step in to do business with you. Similarly, the more someone sees your name and brand online, the more they will notice it, increasing brand awareness and recall. And when they are ready to transact they will automatically think of you!

If you see high Frequency numbers but low engagement on your ads, it may mean that your audience is having ad fatigue, it is important to avoid this. Keep an eye on the Ad Relevance Score to determine if your audience is suffering from ad fatigue. Wondering what the ad relevance score is? We will tackle this term in our next Word of The Week so stick around!

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