What Should Real Estate Pros Post On Social Media?

What Should Real Estate Pros Post On Social Media?

Over the years, social media has become a conduit for information. It is about sharing your knowledge, opinions, or news that your audience finds useful and interesting. Your social media profiles are your online voicebox. As such, they should reflect your interests and expertise. If you don’t have time to read the whole post (we hope you do anyway), here are the key takeaways:

Post content that your audience will find interesting and engaging on a regular basis and respond to those who engage with it. When it comes to a content strategy for your social media platform, it can be condensed into the 3 Rs:


1. Relevant: The content you post should be relevant to your audience. There is no point in you spending time posting about a change in interest rates if your audience either does not want to know about it or does not care. With time, trial and error, you will eventually learn what resonates with your audience.

It is here that you can also work on differentiating yourself from the competition. Everyone posts about interest rate changes, market fluctuations, etc. Many of marketing service providers in the market today give you the same generic information that they give your competitors. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

If you want to post about changing interest rates, or how the housing market is on the rise, add something from your experience to enhance the post. This will also showcase your industry knowledge and lend credibility to your brand in the eyes of your customers.

In our experience, posting about local information and updates is also effective and these kinds of posts see more engagement. This also helps brand you as the local expert in your market, making your audience see you as someone who has a finger on the pulse of the area. Content need not just be written, images and videos are very engaging too. At WikiRealty, we provide unique, original hyper-local content (not copy pasted) for each of our subscribers. This ensures that the audience does not get fatigued looking at the same posts and also helps you stand out. Our mantra regarding content is ‘No repeats’.

2) Regular: When it comes to frequency of posting, there is only one way to go about doing it- be regular. Different social platforms have different protocols when it comes to posting, some calling for more regular posts than others.

A general rule of thumb is to post a few times a week when you have something valuable to say. There are service providers who post on your page anywhere from daily to multiple times in a day. But if the content is not relevant or engaging, it forms a wall of posts to a page visitor and discourages them from looking through your page and getting to know you.
Posting frequently does keep you top of mind with your customers. When they see new posts from you on their timeline, they are reminded of you and the services you provide. It also indicates that you are active on your social media and may encourage them to reach out to you via these channels.

But posting dull and monotonous information frequently will not make anyone think, “I should work with this Loan officer/ realtor because they know what they are talking about”.
So the golden rule when it comes to frequency of posting is- post engaging content frequently enough so that your audience does not forget you exist. Here at WikiRealty, we post original content (200-250 words) twice a month and promote it on the social media platforms of your choice automatically, reducing the amount of time you will have to spend on posting.

You can also create your own content using our platform and use our auto-posting mechanisms to post to all your social media platforms simultaneously, creating huge efficiencies.

3) Responsive:

The real job begins once you have posted the content. You should monitor the likes, comments, and shares the posts get and interact with those who have engaged with your post. This is the online equivalent of a handshake and establishes the beginning of a rapport with your customers.

These digital touch points expire quickly and it is important to respond to those who have engaged with your content as soon as possible to make the most of the opportunity. On WikiRealty, we provide a dashboard with a list of all the people who have engaged with your content, providing an easy and efficient way to reach out and form connections.

Having a presence on social media is very important and may feel a little overwhelming. If you don’t have the time to do it or don’t know how, we are here to help!

WikiRealty offers plans that regularly post unique and original hyper-local content that get great engagement, and provides efficient ways and helpful tips around response strategies.

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